Top 16 Best HVAC Tools List That You Should Have

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The service job of an HVAC technician can become very irritating without precise tools. Not to mention, using them can also be daunting without the proper guidance.

Hence, this article is here to help you make a choice between the tools and go over the necessities.

Below, we’ll go over the tools that you need to purchase for yourself.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Top 16 HVAC Tools List With Pictures

Here are the tools that you need to buy:

1. The Tool Bag

Tool Bag

If you are working in the service, then you should be no stranger to troubleshooting scenarios. There are many tool bags available in the market, which could be perfect for you.

The WORKPRO 16-inch Wide Mouth Tool Bag is just one of the many available options on the market. The WORKPRO is amazing for the avid HVAC technician housing in around 8 pockets and 8 belts for the job.

Costing just under $20, it is an affordable option for the beginner as well as the professional. However, if space is an issue, you can also look towards the Veto Pro Pac TECH-LC.

This bag has 53 tool pockets inside and out; it’s waterproof and has a stainless steel tape clip. On the other hand, this bag can be a bit pricey, costing you something above $200.

2. Thermometer


The job not only requires you to handle air circulation in a building, but also its temperature. Just for that, you need a portable thermometer, preferably something digital for accuracy.

You can immediately look straight at options like the Etekcity Lasergrip 774. Since they are so small and portable, you can simply keep them in your tool belt instead of your bag. It is a non-contact thermometer and can detect temperatures ranging from (-58 °F to 716 °F). Did we mention that it’s perfect for its price as well?

It costs just under $16; it can be absolutely perfect if you are on a budget. If, on the other hand, you need a thermometer that’s much more compact, then the Fieldpiece SPK2 could be worth a look. It’s foldable and can fit in your pocket, and has a stainless-steel probe to measure temperatures with contact.

However, compared to the Etekcity Lasergrip 774, it can be a bit on the expensive side, costing you just a bit above $25.

3. Multimeter


In recent days, most multimeters have become amazingly compact, making this purchase easier than it ought to be. The stress of occupying vast amounts of space in your tool bag is not an option anymore.

For example, the Fieldpiece HS36 is small enough to fit into your jeans pocket. The readings are all laid out on the LED display digitally, giving you precise readings.

4. Impact Driver

Impact Driver

Not to be confused with the power drill with drill bits, the impact driver is great for driving large fasteners. As one of the main components needed for an HVAC technician, its best to carry around an extra set of batteries and a charger.

There are many varying types of impact drivers, and also with many functionalities. The Bosch Hybrid 18V is a fair choice for most people in the service.

Costing just under $165, you get the perfect bang for the buck. It usually comes with two batteries from beforehand. Not to mention, it is ¼ inch and ½ inch socket ready straight off the box.

The Milwaukee M18 is an amazing substitute and has great longevity. However, most people shy away from the Milwaukee M18 simply because of the price costing just under $400.   

5. Screw Drivers

Screw Drivers

As basic as it may sound, having a good set of screwdrivers is absolutely paramount when building your own toolset. Especially for an HVAC technician in service, its key to maintaining a good set.

When in service, it is best to keep a range of screwdrivers with you, giving yourself the flexibility to adjust to any situation. The company Klein tools make HVAC specialty screwdrivers, and a set of them could go a long way.

Our personal recommendation is to carry at least a bare minimum of four Phillips head screwdrivers, and four slotted. Klein’s Nut driver 8-in-1 HVAC multi-tool is an amazing option, costing in just under $30.

6. Hammers


Hammers are common for most jobs and work environments. However, in HVAC, it’s highly recommended that you use a fiberglass hammer. The Stanley 51-112 is a splendid seven-ounce hammer.

It’s specially made for HVAC service workers and construction site workers. If you desire something heavier, then the Stanley STHT51346 7Oz Curve Claw Fiberglass Hammer could be worth looking into as well.

7. Pliers


Pliers are an essential tool for any technician. Getting a strong set of pliers of varying categories can be great when handling metal sheets.

A simple run down to the department store can land you with a whole set for a reasonable price. The Work Pro-7 is amazing, costing just under $17 dollars for a set of seven pliers.

8. Nail Gun/Staple Guns

Nail Gun/Staple Guns

Both a nail gun and a staple gun is a must. Preferably something sturdy should do the job exceptionally well.

There is no need to be eccentric when purchasing this product. As for most case scenarios, a simple nail gun or staple gun should do the job. One of the key criteria to be considered when buying these products is their weight. You should opt for something that is lightweight.

9. Tape Measure

Tape Measure

Being able to measure the width and length of your work is absolutely key. A simple tape measure that is impact-resistant and has a self-locking mechanism should be perfect. The Komelon SL2825 Self Lock 25-Foot Power Tape is perfect for the job and is one of the cheapest tape measures on the market.

10. Wire Strippers

Wire Strippers

When cutting through wires, its best to use wire strippers that are heavily insulated. It is best to opt for a pair that is bright in color for you to locate easily. Make sure that it is lightweight and can fit in your toolbox.

The Dowell 10-22 AWG Wire stripper is an amazing option and comes with a lot of varying functions and a locking mechanism, making it very versatile and useful for your work environment.

11. Manifold Gauge

Manifold Gauge

A portable manifold gauge is perfect for reducing and releasing sludges and moisture into an environment.

This is a piece of must-have equipment for this line of work. However, this equipment can easily be one of the most expensive on this list. The Fieldpiece SMAN 360 is a digital manifold, providing accurate results.

Although the cost can make the purchase seem a bit daunting at first, it would be worthwhile. The fieldpiece can easily range from $790 to $820 and can be found on the internet and other hardware stores.

12. Extension Cords

Extension Cords

Regarding all the power tools in your toolbox, carrying around an extra set of extension cords can be quite useful. They should be at least in the bare minimum, about 50ft long, and heavily insulated.

13. Tin Snips

Tin Snips

Tin snips are perfect for cutting thick wires; a normal pair of tin snips should be just fine. Make sure they are lightweight and comfortable for you to use.

14. Tubing Cutters

Tubing Cutters

Of all the tools mentioned before, tubing cutters have to be one of the largest. They can vary in shapes and sizes. Make sure they are as light as possible and are at least (3-22mm) in width.

15. Awl


For the more intricate category of work, the awl is absolutely amazing. They are made to mark wood and is made from forged steel. These are available on the internet and even at your local hardware stores. They are very small in size and can easily fit well into your toolbox without a hassle.

16. Sawzall


These power tools are very strong and durable and can cut through almost anything. It’s a tool commonly seen in construction and demolition; however, some HVAC technicians prefer using these to cut through larger pipes.

The Makita JR3070CT AVT Recipro Saw has become a go-to product for most technicians. It’s durable and stable. The functionalities are far superior here than on other products. This gives you the ability to change the speed and stroke at any given moment during your work.


Apart from these necessary tools, there are some that can make your work easier. Experiment with the products mentioned and their functionalities, and see what suits your workspace the best. With all that being said and done, we wish you good luck, and we hope our top 16 HVAC Tools List has served you well.

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