Best Marble Cleaner for Shower: Perfect Clean Marble Floors 2022

Marble is a material we all love for the flooring, the walls, and even the countertop. If you have marble in your kitchen or bathroom, I have to say – you got great taste!

But while marble is all beautiful, it needs regular cleaning. Dust and grime left to accumulate can become an unsightly mess.

While you can vacuum and dust-mop the dirt away, some stains can be resilient and difficult to remove. For instance, baked stains and mold and mildew. Still, don’t let them give you a headache. The best marble cleaner for shower is the perfect solution.

With it, you’re able to quickly and conveniently get rid of all sorts of messes from your marble surfaces.

If you’re shopping for an effective stone cleaner for marble surface, something safe that won’t ruin your marble surface, you’ve come to the right place.



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Black Diamond Marble Cleaner


TriNova Granite Cleaner and Polish


Weiman Disinfectant

Marble Cleaner


Granite Gold Daily Marble Cleaner


Stone Care International Granite Cleaner


What Are The Best Marble Cleaners?

Every marble cleaner is unique and useful for specific purposes. Choosing only one from those is a really daunting task.

However, I have already reviewed the top 8 marble cleaners in the below section. Have a look at the comparison table to get a clear idea about all of those.

If you still want a straightforward answer, I’ll vote for the Black Diamond marble cleaner.

This cleaner is free of abrasives and acids, safe to use, and effective on tough stains. I hope it will be a decent choice. But, the decision is always yours!

Marble Cleaner Tips to Avoid Damage

Marble Cleaner Tips to Avoid Damage

Every interior design aficionado admires the majestic depth of marble. From floors to walls, people are using marble everywhere. Besides the immense popularity of marble, it has a simple drawback too.

That is, it requires much more commitment to cleaning and maintenance than others. Here, we’ve listed few important marble cleaning tips to avoid damage. Let’s find our those tips in details. 

Say NO To Vacuums

Vacuum attachment is extremely dangerous for marble. The metal edges, worn parts, or wheels of vacuum cleaners may cause scratches on the marble surface. And it will lead you to do additional polishing.

The metal edges may damage the color and smoother surface of your marble sealed floors.

Seal Your Marble If Needed

Sealing makes the marble floors shinier and provides an extra layer of protection. Most importantly, sealing the marble appliances is comparatively easier and causes almost no hassle to the users. You just have to choose a decent marble sealer and apply it properly.

Keep The Acidic Substances Away

We all prefer the natural substances like vinegar or lemon juices for cleaning our marble items. Well, it’s actually suitable for synthetic appliances. But should you choose these acidic substances for marble too?

A big NO!

The acidic substances like vinegar, ammonia, lemon juice, bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide, etc contain high acidity levels. Using these substances will etch the wall and dulls the surface. After all, it loses the rich sheen of marble only because of those cleaning agents.

Use an Additional Tray To Store Toiletries

Nowadays, lots of people are using marble in their bathing rooms. If you are also one of them, you should store the toiletries more carefully.

You may store the frequently used toiletries like toothpaste, lotions, perfumes, hair products, creams, nail products, potions, colognes, etc on a tray. And put the non-frequently used products on the cabinet.

Even the so-called ‘soft’ creams and bathing solutions will also cause harm to your appliances. These products may etch your marble and leave spots or stains on the surface. So, beware of that!

Use White Polishing Pads for Cleaning

Marble is a sensitive stone. If you unintentionally spill any acidic substance like wine, fruit juices, coffee, soda, or toiletries, clean the surface as soon as possible.

While cleaning the surface, use white polishing pads or soft microfiber cloth to avoid the floors from being scratched.

Dodge The Products Containing Alkaline

Alkaline is a ubiquitous chemical compound for cleaning. It is widely used to remove stubborn stains and dirt spots from the surface.

But, using alkaline on the marble surface causes extreme damage rather than cleaning. Always avoid those marble cleaning products which contain alkali.

Choose Your Mop Carefully

Mopping is the easiest and most effective process of keeping you marble floor clean and elegant for a long time. It’s a time saving yet completely hassle free method for cleaning the marble floors.

But, there’s a simple fact to consider. You should be cautious while choosing your mop for marble floors. Make sure that the mop is handy, lightweight, and contains softy fast-dying microfiber cloths in it. And, don’t forget to clean your mop with plain water after using it for cleaning your marble floors. 

You know, marble is a precious natural material. So, avoid these mistakes while cleaning your household marble appliances.

Follow those tips above and keep your marble appliances shiny and polished for a much longer time.

Our Recommended 8 Best Marble Cleaner for Shower

1. Black Diamond Marble & Tile Floor Cleaner

Black Diamond Marble & Tile Floor Cleaner

With over 30 top products in the market, Black Diamond Stoneworks is one of the renowned brands in the cleaning solutions sector. It is known for its quality and affordability. 

A lot of the marble cleaner products in the stores are not concentrated. Thus, even though they appear less expensive, they’re actually costlier and less effective.

The Black Diamond Marble & Tile Floor Cleaner, being a concentrated liquid, helps you save money. Moreover, it makes the overall cleaning process a lot more effectively.

Acid is an ingredient in many cleaning products. However, while it helps boost the cleaner’s power, acid can be harmful to both the marble surface and the user himself. For marble, acid causes etching, and that’s why it’s advisable to keep off from cleaners that contain it.

Owing to these facts, Black Diamond brings you an acid-free cleaner, and hence suitable for marble.

If your marble is heavily soiled or stained and you’re wondering if an acid-free product will work, I am here to assure you that this one is the real deal. It delivers a deep cleaning action without much effort.

Ease of using is what this product is all about. You just pour it on the surface and scrub a little. Heavy scrubbing is usually not required as the product is quite potent and capable of removing rust stains effortlessly.

As said earlier, this is a concentrated solution. As a matter of fact, you can mix 2 to 4 ounces of marble cleaner with a gallon of water. It means the 1-gallon of water will normally be adequate for all your home cleaning needs and often, you will be left with some for future use.

The Black Diamond Marble & Tile Floor Cleaner is a biodegradable and eco-friendly product. Hence, you can apply it around pets and kids without worry.

Again, it is a versatile cleaner which is perfect for cleaning not only marble surface but also tile, slate, granite, travertine, and others too.

Highlighted features:

  • Concentrated – save money.
  • Effective cleaner – breaks down the toughest marble stain.
  • Biodegradable and ecofriendly – safe for using around kids and pets.
  • Acid-free – doesn’t etch your marble surface.
  • Rinsing is not always necessary.
  • Made and tested in the US.

2. TriNova Shower Granite Cleaner and Polish

TriNova Granite Cleaner and Polish

Trinova is a brand of the Gold Eagle company, which, for decades, was known for its revolutionary car and boat care products. But the firm, through expansion, ventured into uncharted waters, creating brands like Trinova.

Trinova focuses on special-purpose marble cleaning product and has managed to come up with one of the beloved products in the market – the TriNova Granite Cleaner and Polish.

Forget the all-purpose cleaners that cause dulling or fail to work as expected. This one is designed specifically for stone and related surfaces such as marble, tile, quartz, slate etc.

Because of the narrower focus, the solution works effectively, getting rid of the most resilient stains and dirt spots.

If you’re seeking a product that is easy to use, you will like this cleaner. It comes in an aerosol can, so applying it is effortless. The spray mechanism works seamlessly and makes precise application practical, which helps avoid wastage. 

Amazingly, this product cleans without causing dulling. On the contrary, if you have a dull marble surface, such as a marble countertops that is losing its sheen, this cleaner is the revitalizing agent you need.

Yup, apart from cleaning the grime, it leaves an attractive shiny finish.

Have you used cleaners that left streaks on your marble surface no matter how careful you were? Ditch those and get the Trinova cleaner.

This is an absolutely streak-free cleaner that makes the surface reflect a mirror-like finish when the lights are switched on. In addition, the cleaner doesn’t leave any residue or haze.

Lastly, if you’re tired of the weird-smelling cleaners, and want something with a sweet scent for your bathroom, this is it. It is a non-toxic, sweet-smelling cleaner that brightens your space.

Over 1600 users cannot be wrong when they say the TriNova Granite Cleaner and Polish is worth 4.6/5 stars. Go for it and you’ll not be disappointed.

Highlighted features:

  • Easy to apply.
  • Professional strength cleaning – neutralizes all the grime.
  • Delivers a beautiful sheen – leaves a mirror-like finish.
  • Has a sweet scent.
  • No streaking cleaning action – no haze or residue.

3. Weiman Disinfectant Granite Daily Clean & Shine

Weiman Disinfectant Granite Daily Clean & Shine Marble Floor

Weiman is one of the most popular marble cleaning brands in the US. The brand offers some of the highest-grade cleaners for cooktops and floors.

What stands out about the Weiman Disinfectant Granite Daily Clean & Shine is that it is specifically designed for daily use. How so?

First of all, it comes in a sprayable bottle. That makes operation super easy and convenient. You get to spray the exact areas that need to be cleaned, which eases the cleaning task and avoids wastage.

When doing daily cleaning and shining, you don’t want to keep having to fetch the solution from a larger vessel. Neither do you want to keep diluting the solution.

Considering these needs, Weiman presents you with a 12-oz spray can. It is easy to hold and handle, and there is no dilution to deal with. This ready-to-use container fit for one-handed operation makes daily usage a piece of cake.

If you have kids and pets in the house, you might want to protect them from infections like flu. One way to do that is to keep your marble surfaces free of bacteria and germs.

To help you with that, the product contains anti-microbial agents that kill up to 99.9 percent of the microbes on your marble surface. And as the product is non-toxic and biodegradable, it is a perfect choice health-wise.

It helps to have a cleaner that you can rely on to clean a range of surfaces. Thankfully, the Weiman cleaner is not just for marble. You can also use it to clean and disinfect your sidebar appliances, bathtub, shower stall, marble countertops and much more. 

For the best marble cleaner with shining and disinfectant power and a sweet smell, get the Weiman Disinfectant Granite Daily Clean & Shine. It smells like Citrus.

Highlighted features:

  • A spray can for ease of use.
  • Cleans and shines surfaces.
  • Fit for daily usage – 12-oz bottle.
  • Contains disinfectant properties for killing microbes.
  • Versatile for multiuse – marble, stainless steel, porcelain, granite, etc.
  • Sweet smell like citrus.

4. Granite Gold Daily Cleaner for Marble

Granite Gold Daily Cleaner for Marble

Tired of scrubbing your marble surface with soap? Truly, the tougher the stains, the more potent the cleaner needs to be. Granite Gold, one of the top cleaner brands, is offering you a deep cleaning solution that effectively gets rid of dusts and keeps your marble free from stain.

The Granite Gold Daily Cleaner is formulated with powerful agents that get beneath the surface and dig out all the dirt. The reason why many folks go for this unit is that it leaves the surface sparkling clean.

And not just that. If the place is looking a little dull, the cleaner contains a shining agent that leaves a nice glossy finish.

Using harsh household cleaning agents on a daily basis is not recommendable. You see, such cleaners often contain acids and other toxic chemicals that etch marble surfaces and make them deteriorate. But a daily cleaner like the Granite Gold is formulated for surface protection without these side effects.

It doesn’t contain acids, ammonia, phosphates, or other toxic chemicals like a traditional cleaning soap. Hence, you’ll not see your marble floor, countertop, or whatever you want to clean get destroyed by etching marks.

By using it in place of the harsh household cleaners, you get to keep your surface looking great while avoiding costly repairs.

The aerosol bottle design is one of the aspects that show the product was designed with everyday using in mind. It is a 32-oz lightweight can that you can handle conveniently and effortlessly. You simply spray it on and wipe down with a microfiber cloth.

You might have come across one of those cleaners that leave streaks no matter how well you swipe down with a microfiber towel. Tell you what? If you want to avoid streaks, the Granite Gold cleaner will be a great choice. It’s one of the high-quality streak-free cleaners.

Highlighted features:

  • Deep cleaning action – removes dirt, grime, and stains effectively.
  • Daily-use design – lightweight and comes in a spray system bottle.
  • Formulated for streak-free cleaning.
  • Safe for use – biodegradable, non-toxic, non-acidic.
  • Has a sweet citrus smell.

5. Stone Care International Shower Marble Cleaner

Stone Care International Marble Cleaner

Getting an all-purpose cleaner can be convenient but think about it. We don’t have all-purpose pants for the gym, school, parties, and dates, do we? We like to categorize clothes based on events. And not just clothing. We like to sort everything by purpose.

The same case applies to cleaners. A special-purpose cleaner can work better than the all-purpose types.

Speaking of that, the Stone Care International Granite Cleaner is specifically manufactured for cleaning marbles. If you have a floor or countertop made of marble, travertine, onyx, quartz, granite, or any others, this product is your ideal care partner.

Do you know why cleaning stone can sometimes be challenging? Because, it’ is a porous material. It has pores, where dusts can settle. When you choose an ordinary household cleaning agents, they disappoint you and you’re left feeling helpless.

But there’s a way out.

The Stone Care International Granite Cleaner doesn’t just remove the dirt that has settled on the surface. No, it’s a deep cleaning agent that gets into the little pores, removing the hidden dirt.

What you end up with is a flawlessly clean surface. The product takes care of food stains, spills, oil and grease, and all sort of dirt spots.

It is quite frustrating to see residue and streak marks after cleaning a surface. But, the removal of these things mostly depends on the quality of the product you’re using.

The Stone Care cleaner, being a high-grade product, doesn’t leave marks or residue. It’s so reliable.

For an effective and sprayable best marble cleaner for shower, you can certainly choose this product.

Highlighted features:

  • Specialized formula for cleaning all types of natural stones.
  • 32-oz sprayable can for easy daily cleaning.
  • Powerful cleaning and degreasing action.
  • Neutral pH – no scratching or etching.

6. StoneTech Cleaner for Natural Stone

StoneTech Cleaner for Natural Stone

Have you seen a bathroom floor stained with a black or brown substance? Mold and mildew love to invade damp areas such as in the bathroom and cabinets. Apart from making your space look unsightly, these substances pose various health risks such as allergies and flu-like symptoms.

The problem with mold and mildew is that it can be tough to remove. You try scrubbing it out with a brush and apply soap or detergent but all in vain. If you’ve been in such a situation, the StoneTech Mold & Mildew Stain Remover is here for you.

This is a special-purpose formula specially made for dealing with mold and mildew. It attacks the stains and gets it out. Hence the surface stays free from stain and looks as good as new.

One of the most amazing things about this product is that it’s so powerful that you barely need to scrub. You just spread it over the dust with a brush, do very little scrubbing and let the product do its work. Immediately, the stains start to dissolve before your eyes.

If you have natural marble floor and walls that are stained with mold and mildew, you might be wondering how to safely clean them. Because though there are lots of products in the market that promise to do the job effectively, many damage the surface as well. But this cleaner won’t cause any damage to your households.

The product is one of the few that help you take care of your floors, walls, grout, and water stains without causing damage. In fact, you can use it on a daily basis without worrying about your natural stones or tiles getting degraded.

Lastly, if your space is feeling a little stuffy, this stuff will serve you well. It cleans your marble surfaces and leaves the space smelling nice.

Highlighted features:

  • Sprayable stuff that comes ready to use.
  • Effective mold and mildew remover.
  • Safe – doesn’t degrade tile or natural stone.
  • Leaves behind a fresh scent.

7. Better Life Natural Granite, Marble and Stone Cleaner

Better Life Natural Granite, Marble and Stone Cleaner

The story of Better Life is a rather interesting one. Two dads joined hands to come up with a product that would combine safety and performance.

One of the safest cleaners I know is the Better Life Natural Granite and Stone Cleaner. It doesn’t contain petroleum, alkylphenol surfactants, VOCs, or any of the toxic substances the harsh cleaners have. That said, it is extremely effective at cleaning surfaces. 

Even if the stains you’re dealing with are greasy and difficult to remove, this product will serve you. It cleans and degreases all sorts of dirt, water stains, oily grime and spots.

The cleaner is not just for marble. You can apply it on any natural, marble or tile surface in your home. From the marble areas to the granite countertops to the slate or limestone floors or walls, it suits everywhere. It also works on quartz, terrazzo, soapstone, and other natural stones.

It feels good to know the product you’re using to clean your floors and walls is easy to use. Tell you what? This particular cleaner comes in two containers, one of which has a sprayer attached at the top. Spraying this liquid formula is a cinch.

When the first bottle is finished, you just disconnect its sprayer and attach it to the second bottle. If you like, you can purchase the 1-gallon can and utilize it to refill your little spray bottle.

One of the coolest things about this product is that it usually doesn’t even need rinsing. You just spray and wipe down with a microfiber cloth.

Perhaps you’re wondering if the product leaves a residue on your countertop? This is one of the best marble countertop cleaner I have come across that do not leave a residue or even streaks. Give it a try. 

Highlighted features:

  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Spray attachment for ease of using.
  • No VOCs, petroleum, or other harsh chemicals.
  • Residue-free and streak-free.

8. Weiman’s Stone Care International Stone Cleaner, 1-Gallon

Stone Care International Stone Cleaner

The last item on this list is the Weiman’s Stone Care International Stone Cleaner. This product is from the reputed Weiman brand, and as you can guess, its quality is top-notch.

Natural stone is one of the most attractive element to design your floors, walls, countertops etc.

However, it is susceptible to dirt and unfortunately, if you were using the traditional household marble cleaning solutions, you may ruin the looks of your marble appliances. For instance, the surface can dull or get etched. That is why it is advisable to stick to a special cleaner while cleaning marble.

When looking for a quality cleaner for your marble floors or walls, Weiman’s cleaner is a perfect consideration. Formulated with natural pH, and without VOCs or other harmful chemicals, the product is completely safe and sound. It will not dull or scratch your surfaces.

Effectiveness is one of the major factors we think about when shopping for a cleaner. Because you see, numerous products promise to do the work, but many of them deliver poor results.

However, this product works. Penetrating the stone’s pores and fissures, the solution lifts out the dirt every effectively. If there are stubborn rust stains in your house that are giving you a headache, this product will give you the help you’re seeking.

A fresh smell is something many people seek when shopping for a cleaner. Unfortunately, lots of brands tend to go overboard with the whole smell idea, making their products give an overwhelmingly strong smell.

But Weiman knows the right level. Its product cleans well and leaves fresh but light scent reminiscent of vanilla.

Being a good floor and wall cleaner, you can definitely try the Weiman’s Stone Care International. It suits well on marble, Corian, quartz, limestone, and other natural stones and tile, .

Highlighted features:

  • 1-gallon ready-to-use cleaner – perfect for refilling spray cans.
  • Powerful cleaning action – penetrates the pores and fissures.
  • Neutral pH – no etching or dulling.
  • For all tiles and natural stones like quartz, limestone, slate, etc.

Marble Cleaners for Shower – Comparison Chart



Concentrate/ ready to use

Spray bottle/ refill can

Acid-free, streak-free


Black Diamond 

1 Gallon


Refill can




18 oz

Ready to use

Spray bottle



Weiman Disinfectant

24 oz

Ready to use

Spray bottle



Granite Gold

32 oz

Ready to use

Spray bottle



Stone Care International

32 oz

Ready to use

Spray bottle




24 oz

Ready to use

Spray bottle



Better Life Natural

16 oz1 gallon 

Ready to use

Spray bottle Refill can 



Weiman’s Stone Care

1 gallon

Ready to use

Refill can



Marble Cleaner for Shower Buying Guide

Marble Cleaners Buying Guide

Natural stone is one of the most attractive flooring materials. But, to maintain its amazing look, it requires regular care.

To safely and efficiently take care of your marble floors or walls, or your marble counter, you got to think carefully about the kind of cleaner you’re going to purchase.

Because if you choose the wrong product, you might end up ruining your marble surfaces, for instance by discoloring or etching your marble-made items.

If you’re looking for the best marble cleaner, here are a few tips for finding the best one.


The main goal when buying a cleaner is to get rid of all the water stains and dirt. Considering numerous manufacturers claim that theirs is the best marble floor cleaner, effectiveness is a vital consideration.

An effective cleaner is one that cuts through the grime removing it fully. You don’t want a product that only removes the surface stains. Natural stone, having pores and fissures, can be complicated to clean as the dirt hides in these areas.

You, therefore, need a cleaner that gets past the surfaces and removes the dirt that is hidden in the pores.

It is not always possible to know whether a cleaner works. But certain indicators will seldom mislead you. First, look at the rating and read user reviews. See what the users say. For instance, the products in the review above have great ratings and the users have showered them with praises for being reliable.


The last thing you’d want, I imagine, is a product that will etch your marble counters, walls, or floors of your house.

What types of cleaners should you choose to remove the dirt without destroying the marble surface?

If you’re looking for a daily cleanser, it makes sense to look for something non-abrasive. One way to know if the product is harsh is to look at the ingredients. If it contains acids, steer clear of it. You should, instead, see labels like “non-acidic” or “neutral pH”.

Apart from acids, other hostile chemicals to avoid include petroleum, alkylphenol, and surfactants.

Will kids or pets come into contact with the surface you’re cleaning? Or will the area be used for food preparation? Then, it’s recommendable to get something biodegradable. A good example is the Black Diamond Marble & Tile Floor Cleaner, which is in the review above.

Free of Streaks and Residue

Picture doing everything to achieve a smooth finish when cleaning your marble walls and floors. You even use a microfiber cloth to prevent streaks and residue. But to your dismay, you still see them. What could be the problem? How about the cleaner you’re using?

I hope, these tips will lead you to a great marble cleaner. Remember, always choose a product that has been tested and proven to deliver a smooth finish. Again, reviews and ratings are the most reliable pointer.

How to Take Care of Your Marble Items Properly?

How to Take Care of Your Marble Items Properly?

Marble is one of the most beautiful finishing materials you can have on your walls or floors. If you have it in your house, then you have a truly amazing taste of elegance.

Though marble is designed to last, its longevity depends on how you treat it. To give marble tile or counter proper care and maintenance, be sure to clean it regularly following the steps below.

Step 1: Dust-Mop or Vacuum It

Dirt and grit can scratch your beautiful marble surface. Therefore, ensure you remove the dirt and grit regularly using a mop. A natural mop is preferable to the padded one that contains chemicals.

After the task, make certain the mop is cleaned. That way, you won’t be reapplying the dirt when you clean your marble surfaces again.

Alternatively, you can choose a vacuum cleaner. But if you decide to vacuum, make sure you choose the vacuum only with the brush attachment. Metal or plastic attachments will ruin your marble floors.

Moreover, it is advisable to avoid using an upright vacuum. Instead of that, buy a canister vacuum. It suits well with the marble. That’s because an upright vacuum’s wheels and attachments can ruin the finish.

Step 2: Place a Mat at Entry Points

When walking outside, your shoes usually catch small rocks and other debris. If these are brought into the house, they can easily scratch the smooth marble tile.

To protect the tile from the small rocks and debris, try placing mats or rugs at the entry points. Folks will wipe their feet there before getting into the house.

Step 3: Remove Spills Immediately

Spills are virtually unavoidable. But provided you blot them up promptly, they’re usually not a cause for alarm. The reason why I say blot is that if you wipe it, that will transfer it to the surrounding areas, making it harder to remove.

After blotting the spots, make a solution of water and soap and apply it to clean the marble sealed area. This chemical formula works pretty good for cleaning.

Then, get a microfiber cloth to dry the place. By the way, wear rubber gloves to keep your hands safe and sound while using this water formula. 

Step 4: Rinse and Dry Shower Walls

Soap scum, combined with water stains, can cause your shower walls to be an eyesore. If you want to keep your marble shower walls looking great, rinse and dry them every time after using the shower.

Just spray the walls with water and dry them with a microfiber cloth. That will keep your marble tile free from getting cloudy or discolored. You know, those tiny harmless water drops can also damage your marble households.

Step 5: Clean Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen backsplashes usually get food and drink splatters, and it’s no wonder they are named so. These areas, together with the kitchen countertops, can endure a lot of abuse, which often leads to the deterioration of their looks.

One way to keep backsplashes and countertops protected is to wipe them down daily. When there are spills, blot them up immediately.

Step 6: Use a Professional Cleaner

Are stubborn stains such as from food or chemical spills or mold and mildew giving you a headache? Purchase professional marble cleaners like the ones in the review above.

The best marble floor cleaner is a safe product that will break down the dirt and remove those tough mold and mildew stains seamlessly. There are special sprayable formula dubbed daily cleaners. These professional marble cleaners greatly ease the cleaning process of your marble floors, walls, backsplashes, and countertops.

When looking for a suitable product, make sure it is pH neutral or rather acid-free. Do not choose vinegar or harsh products such as ammonia or bleach, as these will etch and destroy your beautiful marble.

Step 7: Apply a Penetrating Sealer

Penetrating sealant or sealers create a sturdy invisible barrier that keeps the surface protected from stains. They dig into the pores of the marbles, blocking dirt from getting in, and therefore making it super easy for you to clean the place.

These products also protect your marble tile from mold and mildew, which are formidable enemies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to clean white marble?

Ans: The hard route is to mix dish soap, baking soda and water, then apply the solution and clean the surface with a good-quality microfiber cloth. You might need to scrub a little with a soft-bristle brush depending on the nature of the stains.

In contrast, the easy way is to choose a safe commercial marble cleaner that doesn’t contain acids or other harsh chemicals. With the right marble surface cleaner products, you will do minimal to no scrubbing.

Can I clean marble tile using household products?

Ans: The common household items used for cleaning surfaces are plain water, lemons, bleach, and vinegar. But if you love your marble surface, you will steer clear of these. Their pH is low, meaning they’re acidic. Now, acids are not marble-friendly as they cause etching.

If you have to use household items, stick to dish soap and water. But why go through all that trouble while you could easily and conveniently use a neutral-pH commercial marble cleaner?

How can I disinfect my marble countertops?

Ans: It’s a good idea to try and disinfect your countertops from time to time to make certain that your food prep area is safe. If you’re looking for a household solution, try antibacterial dish soap. Just mix it with water, preferably warm, then use a clean microfiber towel to work the solution into the surface.

But there’s an easier and more effective way. Use the Weiman Disinfectant Granite Daily Clean & Shine. This is a stone-safe commercial cleaner formulated with potent disinfectant properties to effectively fight the microbes on your countertop. It works better than traditional soap.

How do I get my marble white again?

Ans: Unfortunately, your marble can lose its cool sheen with time. But that doesn’t have to be the end of the nice looks. Being the hardest form of Calcium Carbonate, there is a simple formula that can easily restore the color and overall the eternal beauty of your marble floors or countertops. 

At first, clean the surface with a solution of water and dish soap. Now, mix baking soda and water in a ratio of two spoons of baking soda to a liter of water. Then, apply a thin layer of the mixture to the surface and let it air-dry. That’s it!

There is an even better method – use a commercial cleaner for natural stone that’s infused with gloss/polish. The review above is full of such products. These work flawlessly.

How often do you need to clean marble?

Ans: That depends on how much abuse you’re putting it through. If you’re dirtying it too much, daily marble cleaning is necessary. But if the surface is not exposed to contaminants, you can clean once a week or even less frequently depending on the situation.

I like to clean the countertop daily as I do a lot of cleaning and thanks to my sprayable stone cleaner, the task is simple and quick.

What is the best product to clean marble?

There are thousands of marble cleaners on the market. Choosing a single cleaner from all of those products feels like looking for a needle in a haystack. Instead of looking for a product, you should look for the features of that product.

If a cleaner is safe for pets and kids, free of acidic substances, can remove grouts and water stains effectively, then you should go for it. Well, we have already made a comparison table of the best cleaners in the previous section. I hope it will help you to make up your mind.

How do you make marble shine?

Marble is a very luxurious building material. Especially it looks so elegant when it shines. Well, follow the steps below to make your marble shinier than ever.

  • Wipe the marble surface gently with a soft mop to remove dirt and debris.
  • Find a non-abrasive sponge and wet it properly. Then, wring it and wipe the surface again. Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves on your hand during the cleaning.
  • Spray the marble cleaner and wipe it again. It will remove almost all visible and invisible dust from the surface area.
  • Now, dry the surface with a microfiber cloth.
  • Lastly, spray the marble-polishing paste on the surface area. After few hours, wipe the surface again with a soft rag.

That’s it! Enjoy the shinier look of your marble surface. 

Final Word

Marble floors, walls, and counters are precious material. They look elegant and make you feel that you’re in a conducive space. Hence, it’s natural that you want to take care of them.

Regular cleaning is one of the major ways to maintain marble. With the right cleaner, you keep the surface free of stains and dirt, and you keep it beautiful for a long time.

As we discussed before, using your all-purpose household cleaners are not the right way, as you can end up etching and destroying the surface.

It’d be better to choose a safe acid-free commercial marble cleaner. And with all the choices As we mentioned in the review above, get the best marble cleaner for your shower.

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