Top 6 Best Concrete Dissolver 2022: Reviews & Buyers Guide

Working with cement or concrete is tricky. Whether you are fitting tiles in your washroom or casting the parkway, concrete spills all over around.

You also end up with dirty tools that you invested several hundred bucks on. Using them over and over again makes the concrete stiffer on the tools, and they become unusable.

In such cases, you need a concrete dissolver that chemically reacts with the glob and turns it into a mush to wash off easily and quickly. But choosing the best concrete dissolver might not be everyone's cup of tea.

So, we intend to guide you to choose the most effective and budget-friendly concrete mortar dissolver from the products available out there. Let's begin!

Comparison Table of Concrete Dissolver







Super Concrete Dissolver




Cretebeater Heavy-duty Concrete Remover

Cretebeater Heavy-duty Concrete Remover




Korkay Concrete Remover

1 Gallon / 5 Gallon




1 Gallon / 5 Gallon



SAKRETE | Concrete & Mortar Dissolver




Speedy Concrete Clean




Best Concrete Dissolver Reviews

We have personally tested the effectiveness of some of the top concrete dissolvers in the market and found the following products to be fulfilling the claims in the advertisement. You can choose them too.

1. Super Concrete Dissolver 22oz Foam Spray

Super Concrete Dissolver 22oz Foam Spray

This concrete dissolver from Cleen Products removes any cement, mortar, or concrete from all of your masonry tools, metal or wood surfaces, vehicles, etc.

Why is it so popular to wash off any excess cement from substances? The simplicity of using this concrete and mortar dissolver surpasses anything else for this purpose.

The lightweight bottle comes with a handgrip neck which is easy to handle even for a longer period. The top of the neck is fitted with a pump-spray cap that sprays the material over concrete with ease.

As the chemical inside isn't too runny, it perfectly foams when sprayed over various surfaces.

The foam then reacts with the solid concrete and breaks the bond built for the first time. By breaking the bond, it turns concrete into a washable mush.

You can then easily remove the excess concrete by using a towel or a hard wire brush. Washing with a low-pressure jet will also work and clean the area completely.

Pad dry the surface if required. This process increases the lifetime of any tools that work with cement.

This magical compound isn't corrosive at all. So, nothing to worry about, even if you are working with this frequently.

And as the substance is biodegradable, you can be sure of doing no harm to the environment. What an easy way to remove stubborn concrete from your structures or tools.

Highlighted Features:

  • The foaming formula perfectly works with concrete of any thickness.
  • Can remove cement, mortar, or concrete from almost any surfaces.
  • Very convenient to use due to its ergonomic bottle design.
  • Doesn't cause any corrosion to either your body or your tools and structures.
  • Biodegradable, so you know it is environmentally friendly.

2. Cretebeater Heavy-duty Concrete Remover

Cretebeater Heavy-duty Concrete Remover

Some concrete dissolvers might not work fast with stubborn concretes. Cretebeater concrete remover is a heavy-duty solution to that stubbornness.

It removes any tough concrete by dissolving them in a matter of minutes. And it works on almost every surface, including glass, plastic, and rubber.

As it is formulated to fight with tough concrete where regular dissolvers don't work, it is mostly used on concrete trucks, mixing equipment, hand tools, etc.

Once you spray the foam onto concrete, it starts to melt the concrete down in as short as 20-30 minutes.

The foamy formula works better with concrete. If the solution was liquid, it would be runny and slip off the surface you apply it on.

With no chance of running off, the foam grips the concrete surface properly and absorbs the chemical for a better reaction.

This product is manufactured without combining muriatic acid, which can be harmful to individuals and the environment.

The non-corrosive behavior of the dissolver is helpful when you use it regularly. Especially if you are working on a big project where you need to use concrete dissolver frequently, it might make your skin rough.

Concrete dissolvers having corrosive material can also harm the site infrastructures. But in the case of this dissolver, you are free from those effects in the first place.

And as it is biodegradable, you don't put much pressure on the environment. A great handy material to use to keep all your essentials clean from concrete.

Highlighted Features:

  • Special quick-foam formula allows the chemical to be grabbed by the concrete.
  • Dissolves any tough concrete that isn't possible with other dissolvers.
  • Removes cement, mortar, concrete, grout without harming the surface because it is non-corrosive.
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces.
  • Biodegradable and acid-free, so it isn't threatening to the environment.

3. Korkay Concrete Remove and Cement Dissolver

Korkay Concrete Remove and Cement Dissolver

Unlike the previous two cement dissolvers, this is a concentrated solution formulated using no acid. You have to spend a lot less on this than other concrete dissolvers. But is the price worth it?

Traditional cement dissolvers are mostly sprayable chemical that creates foam to react with hard concrete and soften them. This chemical does the same but in a different way.

You need to mix the solution with warm water to activate it. The ratio of chemical and water should 1:3 for the solution to work perfectly.

It can give you better results, especially when you are working with larger surfaces. In the case of small concrete dirt, spray bottles can be enough.

But in bigger cases, smaller spray bottles can be finished quickly, costing you more and more to complete the project.

But Korkay cement dissolver allows you to work on bigger projects as it comes in a 1-gallon container.

 Ideally, this can be mixed with 3 gallons of water to make 4 gallons of solution. This can then be applied on bigger surfaces like cement trucks, concrete cutting, drilling equipment, etc.

This strong solution can soften even the concretes that are 6 months old. So, it leaves a lot of room for error and makes cleaning concrete from any surface a breeze.

Softened concrete can easily be washed off from the surface to make it clean. A great economical solution to all the mortar and grouts.

Highlighted Features:

  • It comes in a concentrated form to give you more for less money.
  • Useful for bigger cleaning projects as the prepared solution will be high in volume.
  • Can completely remove concrete and mortar even if it's 6 months old.
  • Takes no longer than 15-20 minutes to remove any excess concrete from any surface.

4. CLEAN-OFF Liquid Concrete Remover

CLEAN-OFF Liquid Concrete Remover

This concrete dissolver is from CLEAN-OFF is pretty similar to the previous product. It also comes in a 1-gallon container as a concentrated solution. For bigger cleaning projects, there is a 5-gallon bucket too which can save you some more bucks.

To remove any unwanted cement or dried concrete from any surface, you can use this solution to break down the concrete molecules.

 Breaking the bond between molecules then makes it easy to soften the concrete in the form of washable mud. This mud can easily be rinsed off the surface.

With a special formula, this cleaning solution is made excluding muriatic acid, sulfuric acids, phosphoric acids, hydrofluoric acids, etc.

 As a result, you get a non-corrosive concrete dissolver that doesn't affect the surface you are working on. In case you are using it on automobiles, it is completely safe to use.

Even if you spill concrete accidentally on your clothes, you can remove that with this solution.

But it should not be used to remove mortar or tile grout. The bigger version of this solution allows you to completely clean bigger surfaces with ease.

Though it doesn't come with a spray bottle, you can simply buy a spare spray bottle and mix the concentrate with warm water to be activated. Then apply the solution to unwanted concrete and leave it for some time to work.

Washing off excess and unwanted concrete or cement is no big deal anymore with CLEAN-OFF.

Highlighted Features:

  • It is very useful to use on larger surfaces due to its bigger size and available in an even bigger bucket.
  • It does justice to the name and cleans off any excess concrete or cement in the form of mud.
  • Biodegradable, non-corrosive, and acid-free to be suitable for any surfaces.

5. SAKRETE | Concrete & Mortar Dissolver

SAKRETE | Concrete & Mortar Dissolver

Though the amount of concrete dissolver solution you get in the SAKRETE spray bottle is not so much, this acid-free substance can melt cured Portland and masonry cement residue from various surfaces.

 And, it takes less time than many other dissolvers available in the market, just 15 minutes. Using this concrete and mortar dissolver is so easy because of the spray bottle.

You don't need to mix with warm water or something to activate the material. Just spray the solution on any cement residue to melt it into a mud-like substance which can be washed off easily.

The solution is non-hazardous to equipment, meaning it won't harm surfaces like wood, plastic, metal, or paint.

Even if you use it on your car to rinse excess concrete, the color of your car will be the same as before. Thanks to the formulation.

Concrete working equipment can also be cleaned with this dissolver. You can easily soak those tools into the solution to clean them.

Working with the solution is completely safe as it is non-corrosive. It also doesn't create fumes as there is no acid in the solution.

With all its capability to fight cured concrete or cement, it can be declared the best concrete dissolver you can get to buy for such a price.

From portability to easy application, this cement dissolver is a useful tool to save many more tools from the concrete coating.

Highlighted Features:

  • The formulation includes no acid or hazardous material that can cause damage to the surface.
  • It starts to react with concrete very quickly and removes excess cement from any surface.
  • Comes in a convenient spray bottle for mobility and easy application.
  • Non-corrosive and biodegradable material is safe to human touch and does not harm equipment.

6. Speedy Clean Concrete Dissolver

Speedy Clean Concrete Dissolver

Speedy Clean concrete mortar dissolver is widely used to clean concrete residue from various surfaces like foundations, ready mix trucks, mixers, wooden decks, molds, screeds & trowels, concrete saws, formworks, etc.

 It does proper justice to its name and starts cleaning the area applied in just 10 to 15 minutes. No sulfuric, muriatic, hydrochloric, or phosphoric acid is added to the formulation, so it is safe for working anywhere.

It doesn't produce fumes, so you don't need to wear respirators or protective clothing while working with it. It isn't flammable too.

As there is no hazardous material in the dissolver, you don't need any special storage to preserve it.

Rather you can store it with regular tools which are very handy. And the non-corrosive behavior of the chemical keeps your tools or equipment safe from degrading.

But the material is completely biodegradable so that you don't harm the environment. The material is water neutralized.

Once it comes in contact with water, the material deactivates, and it is safe to pass the wastewater through drains. It is required to make sure you aren't harming the ecosystem of the water.

The dissolver is packed inside a spray bottle which is very easy to use. So, you don't need any extra training or an expert to use the chemical.

It won't harm any plastic, rubber, paint, or metal, so it is safe to use wherever you need to clean any cement residue.

Highlighted Features:

  • Free from harmful acids and is a good alternative to those acid-based solutions.
  • Easy to use for everyone, even without any training.
  • Starts working very quickly and removes any cement residue in only 10 to 15 minutes.
  • The wastewater is neutralized and is safe to flow down drains.
  • Non-fuming, non-corrosive, and biodegradable.

Concrete Dissolver Buying Guide

Concrete Dissolver Buying Guide

Choosing the best concrete dissolver is tricky. One wrong move and you can end up with something that harms both you and your necessary equipment.

There is also the risk of damaging any valuable surface you are working on. So, enough precautions should be taken before you go for any concrete dissolver.

Don't worry. We will guide you through the steps of buying a concrete mortar dissolver that works efficiently without causing any collateral damage.

Keep your eye on the following factors that define a good cement dissolver within your budget.

Environmentally Friendly

This type of solution is a combination of several chemicals that might be dangerous for our surroundings. Once we use this solution and discard the wastewater, it drains out and mixes with our rivers and canals.

The whole ecosystem is polluted if there is any harmful chemical in the dissolver. So, you need to make sure the dissolver you are buying isn't threatening to the environment.

Type of Packaging

Concrete dissolver usually comes in two types of packaging. One of them is smaller spray bottles that contain very little amount of the substance. The other is a bigger container carrying 1 or 5 gallons, depending on the variant.

Spray bottles are easy to use. They come in the right consistency, and you don't need to do anything before application.

Just take the bottle and spray the dissolver on any surface you want. But in the case of bigger gallons or buckets, they often come in a concentrated form.

You need to mix this chemical with water to lower the concentration and then use it on the surface. Choose the option that goes the best with you.


Though the formulation of any concrete dissolver is highly technical, you need to know about some harmful chemicals that shouldn't be present in the dissolver.

For example, the concrete dissolver you are buying should be free from acids and corrosive substances.

This can save you from a ton of danger later. Only choose the dissolver that is acid-free, biodegradable, and free from hazardous material.


Always try to go for the brands that are popular and commonly used in the industry. This is because well-known brands emphasize the R&D to continuously improve their products.

They also try to remove any harmful substance from their formulation to be more stable in the market.

On the other hand, less known brands often care less about the quality of the product. Chances are you can buy a product that can cause damage to either you or your tools or the environment. Even if you get these products at a lower price, you shouldn't go with them.


Though the formulation of any concrete dissolver is highly technical, you need to at least know about some harmful chemicals that shouldn't be present in the dissolver.

For example, the concrete dissolver you are buying should be free from acids and corrosive substances.

This can save you from a ton of danger later. Only choose the dissolver that is acid-free, biodegradable, and free from hazardous material.


Often consumers complain that the effectiveness of some dissolvers doesn't match with the claim of the manufacturer.

You should always be avoiding those dissolvers. Go for something that effectively reacts with concrete and softens it quickly.

The application should also be easy to use the material to get rid of excess concrete or grout even with no experience. Usually, dissolvers that can do their job in less than 30 minutes are considered good enough.


Price is also a big factor while choosing a concrete dissolver. You might not want to spend a whole lot of money on something that can be achieved with less amount. Concrete dissolvers come in different concentrations and sizes.

Try to pick a product according to your needs. If you need the dissolver to work on a small area, you can go with smaller spray bottles that cost less.

But if you are going to clean a good amount of concrete, you should go for bigger bottles or even buckets to save on the cost.

Tips & Safety for Using Concrete Dissolver

Many of you might be new to using a concrete dissolver and not know the proper way of using this material.

Here will be a few tips for making the best use of concrete dissolver and keeping you safe from any unwanted hazard during the operation.

Before working on the actual surface, test the material on a smaller area to see the result. If you are satisfied with the result, you can go ahead with the final work. A bit of patience and care at first can save you from bigger losses.

Spray the solution gently on the surface you want to remove concrete from. Don't spray from too far or too close. You can waste a good portion of the chemical if you do so.

After spraying, wait a few minutes for the foam to activate. Don't start rubbing the area right away. In cases where the concrete is extra stubborn, put another spray layer within 15-20 minutes.

Start wiping off softened concrete once it reaches the mud-like consistency. If you let it sit for too long, it might start to re-harden.

Wash off the remainder with low-pressure water nozzles. High-pressure nozzles can damage intricate surfaces.

Always follow the instructions labeled on the product or refer to the manual. You can avoid serious issues if you are aware of the instructions.

It is better to wear protective gear so that you don't get harmed by notorious chemicals.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are questioned a lot about concrete dissolvers and want you to know the answer to some commonly asked questions.

 Enrich your knowledge about concrete dissolver by reading the following questions and respective answers.

Which is the best concrete dissolver?

Pointing out one concrete dissolver might not fit everyone's choice. Rather we would like to tell you that the concrete dissolver that doesn't have acid, corrosive, or hazardous ingredients in it can be the best depending on your personal choice.

Is vinegar a good concrete dissolver?

Vinegar is a very weak acid, so it can't dissolve cured concrete or cement residue properly. But ample use of vinegar can damage the smoothness of a finished surface.

How to dissolve concrete at home?

The process is very simple. Just spray concrete dissolver on the area from where you want to remove the concrete. You can also soak tools or equipment into a dissolver-water mixture to soften the concrete. Here you will find complete information on how to dissolve concrete.

Does concrete dissolver do any harm to cars?

It depends. If you are using a dissolver that is acid-based, it can cause damage to the paint as well as the metal of the car. But if you use an acid-free, non-corrosive dissolver, it won't harm your car's paint or metal.

Final Words

No matter how careful we remain while working with concrete, there are always chances of spilling concrete residue here and there. Without a good concrete dissolver, it is quite impossible to remove the residue to save valuable surfaces.

It is also essential to keep tools and equipment clean to use them for years to come. It is much better to invest in the best concrete dissolver than investing in new equipment repeatedly.

A bit of care and awareness can save us a good load of money!

Respect from toolsmasterblog.

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