Best Antenna Mast in 2022: Benefits and Buyers Guide

Antennas are essential for modern methods of communication and entertainment. Our TVs, radio, weather stations, cell phone boosters, and other devices are dependent on these antennas.

Without antennas, it wouldn’t be possible to capture the satellite signals and watch or listen to our favorite shows or use our phone to communicate with others.

To augment the services of the antenna, the mast used to hoist it up is an important part of the set-up. An antenna mast helps to place the antenna at the right height and right direction for optimum transmission.

There are many types of antenna masts available depending on whether they would be used for lightweight or heavy-duty antennas. They come in different styles too.

To help you choose the best antenna mast for your needs, we have researched and assembled the top products based on product features and user reviews.



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Easy Up 20' 9" Telescoping Mast


3 Feet Satellite Tripod Mount With 2-Inch OD Mast


Channel Master CM-3090 Telescoping Universal Mast


In the Breeze Heavy Duty Telescoping Pole


Channel Master Heavy Duty TV Antenna Mast


Our Top 12 Best Antenna Mast Reviews 2022

1. Easy Up 20′ 9″ Telescoping Mast | 20 Foot Antenna Mast

A good antenna mast serves many purposes and does not serve only one device.

This product helps to catch the signals from up high and transmit to your HAM radio, TV, and WiFi so that you get clear transmissions.

The assembled length of this product is 20 feet and 9 inches, although it can be collapsed to a mere 5 feet for convenient shipping and storage.

To set the mast at the right height, it features guy rings that enable it to rotate and a thumbscrew system to set the height right. Moreover, the rings allow you to adjust the mast at the time of maintenance without disassembling the entire thing.

Working with this device is easy as you don’t need to put it on the ground to work on the antenna or the rotator. The collapsible feature allows this to stay on the mount without the need to take it down.

The well-constructed telescoping antenna mast is heavy and durable. The push-up design makes it easy for installation. You can position several antennas easily on this mast, giving you more value for money.

With no plug at the bottom, the whole unit will disassemble so it’s wise to cover this part with your hand if you are planning to relocate it. Just make sure to wear gloves as otherwise, it will pinch your hands.

Highlighted Features:

  • Total height of 20 feet and 9 inches.
  • Collapsible length to 5 feet for convenience.
  • The guy rings for rotating easily during maintenance.
  • Thumbscrew system for accurate height placement.
  • Well-built and sturdy materials to ensure durability.

2. 3 Feet Satellite Tripod Mount With 2-Inch OD Mast

If you are in the habit of camping or going away into the lakes or forests for an extended time, here’s something short, sturdy, and handy to take along.

The tripod mount style of the antenna mast comes in a height of 3 feet with a 28-inch straight pole that is universal.

Besides being compatible with TVs, you can also use this for off-air VHF or UHF antenna.

The collapsible tripod makes it convenient to stow away in your RV or any part in your home.

With the use of 18-gauge steel, this mast is super-strong and sturdy and promises to last long.

The installation of this device is easy as it doesn’t come with any screws. You can mount it easily on the roof. Users have praised it for its stability and toughness as even a strong hurricane was unable to budge it from its position. Even when your internet service is down, you can still watch TV.

The 6 bolts included in the package are each 1 inch in length and supports antennas with a 2-inch diameter.

With the L-shaped feet featuring holes, this product can be easily mounted on the roof with a steep slope as the feet can be rotated and adjusted to be laid flat on the slope.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy construction with 18-gauge steel.
  • 3 feet height with a 28-inch universal pole.
  • Convenient and collapsible for easy storage.
  • L-shaped feet with holes for adjusting and lying flat against a slope.
  • Easy installation with no screws or pads.

3. Channel Master CM-3090 Telescoping Universal Antenna Mast (Towers)

Whether it’s a slope, flat, or a vertical position on the attic, roof, chimney, or eave, this telescopic antenna mast is ideal for stable placement anywhere.

Thanks to the mounting plate that has a breakthrough design of a J shape, the mast can maintain a perfectly vertical position even when placed on a steeply sloped roof.

In addition to being compatible with most outdoor antennas, this product can be adjusted to fit any length between 24 and 44 inches. No wonder it can be so versatile given the range of lengths it can be adjusted to go over a wall or ensuring sufficient gaps on pitched roofs.

Made from tough materials like pre-galvanized steel, the device can withstand loads of up to 30 pounds. The matte black powder finish not only gives the mast a stylish and neat look but it also prevents it from getting corroded. The thickness is also enough to withstand high winds of 70 kilometers per hour.

The installation process is not at all complicated. With three screws, you can attach the pole to the bracket and adjust it as per your needs. The instructions are also included in the package as well as the hardware you need.

This device can also be mounted on recreational vehicles as it is both easy to install and also to dismantle.

Highlighted Features :

  • Adjustable length between 24 and 44 inches.
  • Pole-style design with a J-shaped mount to keep the antenna vertical.
  • Stable placement guaranteed on eaves, attic, roofs, slopes, etc.
  • Pre-galvanized steel with black powder coating for durability.
  • Capable of withstanding up to 30 pounds of load.

4. In the Breeze Heavy Duty Telescoping Pole

How would you put up flags or banners in the front yard of your home or hotel without those getting knocked over by a strong wind?

Well, here’s the answer to keep the banners standing straight and high. The 13-foot pole is made from sturdy material like reinforced blue fiberglass. This ensures these last for a long time and stand firmly on the ground even in inclement weather conditions.

The pole can be collapsed to 45 inches, making it easy to carry around or store in your home, car, or anywhere else.

Detailed assembling instructions are enclosed, which makes the installation process easier. The bottom of the pole can be easily detected with its wider diameter and the banner clip appended to it. You should remove the rubber covering from the pole top.

You can extend the sections of the pole by gently twisting and pulling out the segments. Repeat until you have the desired length. When you want to collapse the pole, you need to gently twist the segments to loosen them and in the end, replace the rubber cap on the top part of the pole.

Along with the banner clip at the bottom of the pole, the revolving eyelet at the top part ensures the fabric is secured properly. Plus, the eyelet helps to move the fabric naturally.

The kit includes a reusable bag where you can store the product.

Highlighted Features :

  • 13-foot pole collapsible to 45 inches for convenient storage.
  • Banner clip and rotating eyelet to hold securely and enable free movement.
  • Easy installation with a twist-and-tighten method.
  • Reinforced fiberglass to ensure durability and standing against high winds.
  • A reusable bag is included for storage.

5. Channel Master Heavy Duty TV Antenna Pole (Mast) Towers

A heavy-duty TV antenna mast is just what you need if you want to stack more masts on it.

This 5-foot wonder is made from strong galvanized 18-gauge steel so that it can bear loads without falling apart. The construction material is of top quality and will not rust. It will last for a long time owing to the sturdy construction. However, lighter TV antennas should be preferred for this mast.

The bottom part is swedged so that other masts can be added to this if you want to increase the height to get a better reception from satellite signals. The diameter of the tapered end is 1 and 1/8th inches so, before you add another pole, you should check its diameter.

The installation process is easy and with the tapered end, adding more poles is a breeze. You can mount it on the roof, the attic, or the chimney without any hassle. Besides using it for your TV antenna, you can also use this to mount a weather station. It also works great for HAM radios, WiFi, etc.

Moreover, it can withstand high winds and will not flex or come apart. Users have compared to other masts and have praised it because it is relatively lighter but still stronger.

Highlighted Features :

  • 5-foot pole with swedged end for adding more masts.
  • Strong construction with 18-gauge galvanized steel for durability.
  • The tapered end measures 1 and 1/8th inches in diameter.
  • Easy to mount on attics, roofs, chimneys.
  • Withstands high winds without flexing.

6.  Antennas Direct STM715 Mount | J-Pole Antenna Mount

The J-mount type of mast like this product is easy to install on all types of surfaces and angles.

The unique J shape enables the user to plant it firmly on horizontal, vertical, and slopes with ease. It will always hold the antenna at a straight angle no matter the angle of the surface.

Its height is 30 inches with a diameter of 1.6 inches. Always check the diameter of your antenna to make sure it will fit. Made from galvanized steel, it’s strong and durable. Coated with powder, it is resistant to scratches, rust, and the negative effects of the weather.

The universal product is compatible with all types of antennas, making it the best antenna mast in terms of versatility. Equipped with base pivots, the installation on all flat and angled surfaces becomes more convenient, even on the sides of the roof. 

The compact design is neat and gives a professional look. The screws are strong and hold the mast firmly so that it can’t be tossed or turned during storms and high winds of 45 miles per hour or more.

Besides the installation guide, enclosed in the package are four bolts for all types of weather and sealing pads to place under these, mount, and sealing tape to make the process more comfortable for the user.

Highlighted Features:

  • Universal J-mount mast, compatible with diverse types of antennas.
  • Galvanized steel with powder coating for anti-rust and durable properties.
  • Its height is 30 inches with a diameter of 1.6 inches.
  • Includes 4 strong bolts with pads for secure placement.
  • Weather-resistant and can be installed on every angle of the surface.

7. Antenna Tripod TV Antenna Mast Pole

Antenna Tripod TV Antenna Mast Pole

This tripod style of an antenna mast is convenient for placement on the roof and especially in places where high winds and storms are common.

Made from premium quality metal, the iron is thickened to give the structure a more solid construction. This helps to keep it stable during storms so that it’s not blown away.

With a height of 39.3 inches or one meter, the pole is capable of holding your antenna in a vertical position and keeping it safely secured.

More screws mean a more complicated process of installation. This product comes with fewer screws to make it easier for you to install it with a minimum fuss.

Along with the bolts, the plastic anchors are also included for a seamless installation. Make sure to secure the screws under each bracket of the tripod for a firm unit.

The installation is rock-solid, thanks to the innovative and breakthrough technology of a special baking varnish that keeps the product safe and protected from adverse weather conditions.

Although light in weight, the unit is strong and stable with anti-corrosion properties. Hence, this will serve your needs for a long time as it provides stability to the antenna.

The tripod makes it easy for you to move the antenna and reposition it according to your preference. There’s no need to disassemble the whole unit to do so.

Highlighted Features :

  • Tripod base with 39.3 inches long pole.
  • Premium quality metal construction with thickened iron.
  • Fewer screws are needed for an easier installation process.
  • Lightweight and strong for a stable antenna position.
  • Resistant against winds and adverse weather conditions.

8. Heavy Duty Adjustable Eave Gable Antenna Mast

When you need to adjust the angles of the antenna, then you should invest in a mast like this featuring two brackets.

The two brackets not only offer different angles but they also hold the mast more securely in two different places. There’s no need for you to drill holes in your roof as this product is sufficiently strong and sturdy to keep the antenna in the right position to get most of the satellite signals.

The 2 and 1/8th inches of wall clearance ensures you can have your antenna pointing in the right direction without touching any obstruction.

This device is compatible with mast pipes with a diameter measuring between 1 and 1/4th of an inch to 2 inches, thus giving you more options and more flexibility.

The 12-gauge steel material of the product makes it a durable and reliable mast for your antenna. With an adjustable height between 48 and 60 inches, this mast is surely going to fit the right height for your purpose.

Users have used this to mount their 40-pound radio system, so this speaks volumes about the product’s ability to take loads.

With installation instructions and all the requisite hardware included, you won’t find it a difficult task to put it together.

With a neat and minimalistic look, the mast is not too noticeable and will not obstruct your views. Moreover, its solid base has withstood winds of up to 60 miles per hour without any problem.

Highlighted Features :

  • Two-bracket, pole style antenna mast with adjustable pole length.
  • Concrete 12-gauge steel construction for durability.
  • 2 and 1/8th inches of wall clearance for an unobstructed antenna.
  • Ability to take loads of up to 40 pounds.
  • Easy installation without any holes in the roof.

9. Wilson Electronics Antenna Pole Mount

If you are looking for a mast that will hold lightweight antennas in position, then look no further.

With a diameter of 1.5 inches and a length of 10 inches, this could serve the purpose of installing an antenna for cell phone boosters and Wifi systems.

Included in the package are U-brackets along with a wall mount bracket to make installation fast and hassle-free. Moreover, the installation instructions are given for seamless installation on the roof or wall. However, the screws are not included and need to be bought separately.

The wall mount bracket needs to be secured with screws on a flat surface. After this step, attach the pole using the U-brackets enclosed. The pole should be in an upright position if attached correctly. This will ensure your antenna is always facing the right direction.

This device works to send signals to your cell phone even in remote areas. Users have commented on the significant improvement in receiving signals after the installation of this mast and pole as they experienced fewer dropped calls or no-signals.

It has also been praised for its simple and compact design and its durability. However, some user reviews pointed out that the base bracket could be heavier to support the weight of the antenna during moderate to high winds.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pole mount with U-bracket and wall mount brackets for easy installation.
  • Lightweight and not suitable for heavy antennas.
  • Suitable for cell phone boosters and WiFi receivers.
  • 10 inches long with a diameter of 1.5 inches.
  • Compact and simple design for ease of operation.

10. Jensen Universal Top/Side-Mount Rubber Mast

A short but sweet antenna for your truck, cab, or boat can get you strong signals without being hit by objects overhead.

Designed for this purpose, the mast can be mounted on the top or side of your vehicle. It has a length of 6 inches and is attached to a cable measuring 39 inches to give you plenty of leeways.

The mast is made of rubber to give you flexibility and for low maintenance. With the rubber gasket, you can be sure that the antenna mounting pole is watertight so that the antenna performs perfectly even through the rainy season.

In case you find the mast wobbling in high wind conditions, reach out to the tension screw under the upper cover to tighten it. This will fix this securely in place.

The heavy-duty design is meant to make it last for a long time even through unstable weather. With a maximum of 45-degree angle, it gives you plenty of flexibility to position your antenna in the right direction to receive signals.

With a simple installation process, your radio will pick up AM and FM stations in no time! The quality of the transmission has been praised by users when they compared this one to their previous mast antenna.

Highlighted Features:

  • 6-inch top or side mount mast.
  • 39-inch cable included for maximum flexibility.
  • Rubber construction for all-weather resistance and low maintenance.
  • Watertight installation is guaranteed with rubber gasket.
  • A maximum of 45 degrees angle for setting the antenna.

11. Channel Master Telescoping Antenna Mast & Pole with Guy Rings – 17 Foot Maximum Length

For professional projects and specialty applications, you need an antenna mast that will work 24/7 to provide you with an uninterrupted transmission.

This is exactly what this product promises to give you and more. Besides supporting antennas for TV, you can also use this mast for antennas related to HAM radio, weather stations, WiFi systems, and other outdoor antenna types.

The device is engineered from 18-gauge galvanized steel to make sure it stands its ground and continues to serve you for a long time. While the diameter of the upper part is 1.25 inches, that of the bottom part is 1.5 inches. The inside diameter of the top part is 1.125 inches and the bottom one is 1.375 inches.

The extended height of the mast is 17 feet but you can collapse it to 9 feet. You have the flexibility of fixing it at any height in between. For a hassle-free installation, the package includes hardware like platform pins, guy rings, and mast clamps. Also enclosed is the instruction manual.

With a heavy-duty design and solid construction materials, the mast is resistant to all types of weather conditions, making it suitable for commercial purposes as well. It has outstanding performance even in areas with low signals and where high winds cut off all transmission.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pole-style mast with an adjustable length between 17 and 9 feet.
  • Suitable for commercial projects and specialty applications.
  • 18-gauge galvanized steel construction for strength and durability.
  • All-weather resistant for consistent performance.
  • Installation requires guy wire rings.

12. Jackite 31′ Fiberglass Pole – Fiberglass Antenna Mast

For those who like to spend a lot of time outdoors camping or are into amateur community radio, this mast is the go-to solution for all portable antennas.

You can stash it in your backpack even though it can extend up to 31 feet when fully expanded. You can collapse it to a length of 46 inches. Another application of this device is in open fields and gardens where you want to fly a kite to scare away birds from fruits, vegetables, or flowers.

Three design elements are key to the efficiency and performance of this pole mast. The bottom part has been reinforced to prevent it from getting split. The thicker tip of the mast is there to provide more balance. Lastly, to minimize the chances of breakage, the thickness of the wall has been increased.

To get the right length of the pole, just extend and twist the sections together until you get the desired height.

Besides being carried in a backpack, it can also be mounted on the ground. Although the joints may become loose when subjected to high winds, you can easily address this by using some tape or clamps.

A metal loop at the tip is a great addition for passing a string through or for attaching wires. The bottom part has a spring hook attached to the exterior for making it more convenient to carry it vertically in your backpack.

Highlighted Features:

  • Suitable for portable antennas only, not meant for heavy-duty work.  
  • Conveniently fix heights between 31 feet and 46 inches.  
  • Detailed design elements to prevent breakage and splits.
  • It can be lashed onto the backpack with the spring hook at the bottom.  
  • A thicker tip for more balance along with a metal loop for attaching wires.

Comparison Table Of Top 12 Antenna Masts




Suitable For

Easy Up 20′ 9″ Telescoping Mast

20 feet 9 inches


TV, WiFi, HAM radio

3 feet Satellite Tripod Mount with 2-Inch OD Mast

3 feet

Tripod mount


 Channel Master CM-3090 Telescoping Universal Antenna Mast

24 inches to 44 inches


Any outdoor antenna

In the Breeze Heavy Duty Telescoping Pole

13 feet


Decorative fabric décor like banners and flags.

Channel Master Heavy Duty TV Antenna Mast

5 feet


TV, WiFi, HAM radio

Antennas Direct STM715 Mount

30 inches


TV, WiFi, HAM radio

Antenna Tripod TV Antenna Mast Pole

39.3 inches

Tripod pole

TV, wireless receiver

Heavy Duty Adjustable Eave Gable Antenna Mast

48 to 60 inches



 Wilson Electronics Pole Mount

10 inches


Cell phone booster, wireless Internet receiver

Jensen Universal Top/Side-Mount Rubber Mast

6 inches



Channel Master Telescoping Antenna Mast

9 to 17 feet


TV, HAM radio, weather stations

Jackite 31′ Fiberglass Pole

31 feet to 46 inches


Kites, HAM radio, portable antennas

Things to Consider Before Buying Mast for Antenna

It’s wise to consider where and for what purpose you are going to use an antenna before you decide to buy a mast for it. Other factors also impact your purchase decision so do go through the following to know the basics before ordering a mast for your antenna.


Not all masts are meant for all types of antennas. Depending on what you are going to use the antenna for, choose the type of mast that is appropriate for it.

For TV, HAM radio, weather stations, and other types of outdoor antennas, the best antenna mast would be the one with heavy duty construction.

If you are looking for a mast and antenna for your truck, boat, or cab, you need a shorter mast and antenna that will not knock against other objects. 


The height of the mast will affect the transmission quality. The higher it can hold the antenna; the better transmission you will get. Therefore, check the height of the mast to gauge how far high up you can place the antennas.

Ease Of Operation

The mast should be easy to operate. Features like guy rings and thumbscrew systems are there to ensure it can be rotated and set at the correct height. Look for collapsible types so that they don’t need to be placed on the ground if you want to tweak the antenna position.

Multi-Device Capacity

The antenna mast should be able to serve multi-devices in your homes like HAM radios, WiFi, and TV. That’s how you would get more value for money as you would not need to buy separate masts to accommodate multiple antennas.

On that note, the construction of the mast should be sturdy enough to handle all the antennas without falling apart.


Push-up style antenna masts are easy to operate as all you need to do is extend the mast according to your preferred height. They offer you the benefit of using it extended to its full height or collapsed or any other height in between.

A tripod-mount type of design sits at an angle and is, therefore, useful in cases where the roof has a slope. The feet of the tripod-mount antenna mast can be placed flat against the slope. This also facilitates moving the whole unit without disassembling it.

Construction Material

The usual material for antenna mast construction includes aluminum, steel, fiberglass, or other materials. Each has its own pros and cons.

Aluminum is a hardy material and is also lightweight, making it a convenient one. It can be rendered tougher when combined with copper.

Alloys from carbon and steel are even harder and can be welded easily. The downside of steel construction is that they need regular painting to keep the rust away. Although stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion, they are expensive.

Fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP) and plastics are an alternative construction material for telescopic antenna masts. These are safe and provide superior electrical insulation. Moreover, these are stronger than wood and also easier to maintain.


Check how much load the antenna mast can take before you buy it. When made from sturdy materials like galvanized steel, it can hold a lot of loads. This is especially important if you want to put up multiple antennas on the same mast.

Roof Clearance

Check the measurement of roof clearance before investing in a mast for your antenna. If you are planning to place it on the roof, the clearance will ensure the antenna will not be up against another wall or any other obstruction, causing less than the optimum transmission of signals.

Weather Conditions

Take note of the weather conditions of the area where you are planning to install the mast for hoisting up your antenna. Choose one made of sturdy materials like fiberglass or steel to ensure it won’t be affected by storms and high winds.

Benefits Of Using Antenna Mast

As with all gadgets and accessories, the humble antenna mast also has several benefits of using it. The following enumerates these benefits.

Right Placement

Using a mast makes sure the antenna is placed in the optimum position to receive the signals for your TV, WiFi, weather, or HAM radio systems. The antenna cannot be placed by itself as it would not have a solid foundation to stand on.


As the mast holds the antenna securely in place, it also ensures it does not get affected by rains, winds, and storms. A sturdy mast made from metal or other durable materials holds the antenna and prevents it from getting blown away.

Better Reception Quality

With a mast on which you can mount your antenna, you can receive better transmission and signals even in out-of-the-way places where you may have gone camping. These work wonders in no-signal areas and also improves conditions in your cell phone like dropped calls and echo.

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As antennas need an anchor to have a solid base to stand on, the mast provides this support. It makes sure the antenna remains stable and standing even during winds and rain.


Without using a cable network, you can get plenty of stations with the help of an antenna mast as it can help the antenna reach a greater height to catch most signals. Thus, you need not pay for the cable service provider and therefore, you can save a lot of costs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is There Any Difference Between A Mast And A Tower? 

Answer: Yes, masts are different from towers. Although both of these are used to hold up antennas, they differ in their construction.

While a mast typically consists of one single piece of pipe, a tower consists of a series of pipes connected in a triangular configuration.

Another difference is that towers are much taller than masts.

Why Is Roof Clearance Important When Choosing A Mast? 

Answer: The measurement of roof clearance when choosing a mast is important because it will make sure your antenna is not against any wall surface as that would hamper clear transmission.

Because of roof clearance, your antenna will always point towards the right direction without any object hindering it.

What Does The ‘Measurement In Inches’ On The Base Indicate? 

Answer: The measurement in inches indicates the diameter of the base part of the mast. A larger diameter means the mast can support top-heavy antennas and can provide more stability. The diameter of the base section usually lies within the range of 3 to 9 inches.

What Are The Various Applications Of Masts? 

Answer: Masts can be used for a wide range of services including cell phone boosting, TV and radio transmission, community radio, aerial photography, weather stations, lighting, keeping kites floating in the air, etc.

Final Word

As you must have figured out by now after going through this post, choosing the best antenna mast is not rocket science.

Whether you choose a tripod, pushup, or J-mount pole style of antenna mast, the first thing you should consider is the purpose of using it. Different masts address different types of usage and they come in various lengths.

Once you know whether you want to use it at home or for a potable antenna, you can narrow down from the many options available on the market.

Other things you should keep in mind are the longevity of the product, whether it is capable of accommodating multiple antennas, weather conditions, etc. 

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